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"When I was nine years old, I dreamt of one thing…writing songs like the ones I was awakened by in the morning – the ones that jump-started my day.  My Dad would put a vinyl Amy Grant record on our stereo and turn it up loud enough to filter through the stairwell and into our bedrooms to awaken my sisters and I.  At night, I would fall asleep to the same music on my cassette playing walk-man.  Remember those?  I was so sure that I could easily enter the world of music professionals because after all, I came from a family of singers who traveled in matching outfits, for heaven’s sake.  Throughout my challenging adolescence, all I spent my time doing when my dreaded math homework was finally done and my precious five minutes were up with my boyfriend on the telephone, was write lyrics and set them to the piano, expressing what was important to a twelve to seventeen year old pastor’s daughter – like friends you can trust, crying to Jesus, and boys.  Thirty some-odd years later, I write what it means to me to trust, to heal, to forgive, and seeing life for the “what if’s” that bring hope.  I suppose my songs are STILL about friends you can trust, crying to Jesus, and boys…it’s just that now I know what I’m talking about." [Learn More] [Read Reviews]


Shows and Writings...

Shows on hold for an exciting season!

To everything there is a season…and this season the “turning” is a great one!  I won’t be performing regular shows for a [...]

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Show Update!

July 26th @4:00pm: The 26th is the last day to come join Tiffany and I (Carlson Wells) at a live show for a while so hope you guys can make it!  [...]

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Viral messages finally fixed!

It was recently brought to my attention that my site had been hacked and was sending nasty messages at the top of my emails and RSS feeds.  We [...]

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