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Photo Journal of September Nashville Trip and What’s to Come 10-30-13

Arriving home after eleven busy days in Nashville left me with two strong realizations.  One:  “That was awesome, I can’t wait to share the story”.  Two: “I now have to play catch up to my busy Oregon life WHILE staying current on the new things I have going on due to this trip AND it will be a long time before I can send out a newsletter telling the tale”.  Okay, maybe that was more than two.  But I decided that realization with all the factors needed to take priority so here I am, caught up on tasks at last, finally sharing with many of you who have been waiting to hear, my story of happened on my exciting adventure.  So today, I’ll sit here on the couch facing my porch that amazingly still has flowers alive in this 30 degree weather, with my laptop perched on my legs stretched out to the fireplace until I finish this overdue recount of a fantastic eleven days.  (JUST YESTERDAY, an email I received makes my story even better!  The update is featured under Day #9 below).

On my Facebook page, I already posted a few updates and photos that some of you may have had a chance to see.  I know many of you who are “friends” with me saw the pictures I will share in this Blogpost either on Facebook or Instagram because you followed my journey the whole way by “liking” or commenting EVERY day!  I really appreciated that because it helped me not feel so homesick.  Here they are again, just the highlights with a photo, in day by day order with brief descriptions starting with the first full day.  (The day I left was nothing exciting…just flying and layovers, arriving late at night, and the realization that I dislike the Houston airport.)

Nashville day #1: Home Sweet Home Away from Home! LOVE the huge and comfy room and bath to myself. Just picked up that keyboard…ready to roll.











Nashville day #2: Co-writing at ASCAP while Brad Paisley writes in the room next to us. Didn’t realize it was him until we were all getting in our cars to leave! A very fun co-writing day with my new friend, Carolana. Can’t wait to finish our song!











Nashville day #3: Recording in the studio with Bob Britt down at one of the Warner Brothers buildings on Music Row. Finished most of the song in one long but fun day!











Nashville day #4: the MUCH anticipated meeting with Senior Creative Director at ASCAP, LeeAnn Phelan. So grateful she made time to meet with me, listen to my songs, etc. She gave me fantastic encouragement and helped give me directional focus as a writer. Very grateful! Great day!











Nashville day #5: My relaxing day off! With another week of musical adventure ahead of me, I took the one day that I scheduled nothing and rested up while cooking fabulous food like my favorite dish: Salmon Zuccghetti with pesto. Mmmmm… (I had a picture posted back then but can’t find it.  No one needs to see my food anyway, right?)

Nashville day #6: Performed tonight at the Hotel Indigo in downtown Nashville, a beautiful venue with a great audience! The songwriter next to me is Benita Hill, who wrote “Two Piña Coladas” for Garth Brooks. What a fun showcase of great songwriters!











Nashville day #7: Hands down highlight of the day was meeting Rhyan, my newest co-write at the Integrity offices in Franklin. LOVE the song we’ve started and love her. We wrote and got to know each other until almost 10pm Nashville time. Is it possible for this trip to keep getting better?











Nashville day #8: A blast singin’ at the Belcourt Taps tonight! Made some more great songwriter friends. It was fun to see a couple who came to the Friday gig come out to support me tonight as well. Meant a lot to me. Thanks to them I have pictures of tonight. A few more days and I’m homeward bound!











Nashville day #9: Yay! LOVED this day! Got to finally meet in person my long time songwriting coach, Mark Cawley, and he introduced me to Kingsway/Integrity Music publisher John Hartley who not only asked to hear my current songs but gave me an invitation to continue to send him songs. Very exciting! Then spent a gorgeous day walking around charming downtown Franklin, had a fantastic meal and conversation getting to know friends of my pastor’s family and now I’m closing out the night BACK at the Hotel Indigo supporting my new friend Antoinette and sing one more time I’m told. Great day! Rich and overflowing…  UPDATE 10/30:  Yesterday, I received an email from John Hartley saying the song I just sent him was exactly what he was looking for!  He is submitting it for a great project in the worship genre).  In the music business, we know this is not a guaranteed thing but it’s so great to know it’s a possibility that I didn’t have before and a huge step in the right direction.  So excited about that!

This picture is of me and my coach, Mark Cawley, in front of the Frothy Monkey in Franklin, TN











Nashville day #10: Was given this beautiful journal today by my new writing partner, Carolana, while we “worked”, enjoyed a meal, and had meaningful conversation as well as a lot of laughs. The cover says, “We write to taste life twice”…And that’s so true. It’s why I kept a log of these memories. Saying goodbye to my hosts tonight before bed and to the friends I’ve met along the way, I will always cherish my time here in Nashville and am so glad for the ability to preserve important moments. Tomorrow…goin’ home.











Nashville day #11: ahhh… There’s my ride. No matter how exciting a trip or great an experience, my heart is always going to long for the same three people…Thanks for coming along for the ride with me, everyone.












So what now?  I am told I need to return to Nashville about 4-6 times in 2014 so be praying for me to come up with the finances for that (the rental car was the real killer).  Already, I’ve been offered free places to stay with new friends I’ve made, so that’s fantastic.  I am busier than ever here in Oregon but am feeling so blessed to have a fresh goal with songwriting: working on more songs for the publisher who requested them, the new co-writers that I write with over Skype regularly (in the Christian genre), attending online song pitch sessions I was invited to for the secular genres I write (folk/rock, Americana, pop) etc.  I’m also still hoping for an early December release of my Christmas single I recorded on Music Row, (but there are people and finances I have to wait on for that, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed).  This may keep my LIVE performances down to a minimum for a few months, including Carlson Wells shows but Tiffany and I are still working on new stuff to share with you all so that’s still on my radar as well.  In the wake of winning the West Coast Songwriters “Song of the Year” award with “I Know It’s You”, I’m still receiving great contacts through that experience as well, so right now my biggest task is figuring out how to whittle down what I do so that I can stay focused on just a few things, rather than hundreds.  Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a fantastic multi-tasker until my brain explodes.  Then there’s just that rainbow wheel spinning around, waiting for me to reboot for a very long time.  I’d rather not repeat that cycle this time.

Miraculously, I got through the whole ordeal, both CA and Nashville without getting a cold, losing my voice (my MO), or catching any other illness (knock on wood).  The finances appeared when needed unexpectedly, my family was well taken care of while I was away….I have nothing to complain about.  My heart is full and I’m so grateful for the many of you who support me along the way.  You are a major part of my story.  Thank you.

– Nicole 10/30/13

Nicole Wells is a singer-songwriter, soccer mom and story teller who enjoys encouraging and entertaining others through music and testimony.  She can be booked for performances, worship leading, and speaking engagements.

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