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Shows on hold for an exciting season!

Family jumping picTo everything there is a season…and this season the “turning” is a great one!  I won’t be performing regular shows for a while in order to make room for some important and exciting things.  But I’m sure we’ll be back!  My sister, Tiffany Carlson, who often performs with me, is having a changing season of her own and the timing was perfect for me.  I’ve been enjoying such a fantastic time of making music with my husband and two sons, IMG_2795we raised money in concert to travel across the U.S. and back (8,000 miles in 24 days!!  It CAN be done!), we’ve moved from our tiny apartment to a house….it’s really been a wild ride.  And now with autumn in full force, our family is in a new season of growth and development and I am loving every moment of just having the time to be songwriter, wife and mom — not to mention private music teacher to the greatest group of students who grace my home one at a time each week.


IMG_2610So while there aren’t live shows on the schedule for the rest of 2014, I’m excited to say that this has been the most amazing year for me as a songwriter.  To name a few: writing regularly for a publisher in Nashville, recording there with talented, well known people in the industry I’ve admired since I was a teenager, my sweet moment with Amy Grant (again!), the really great opportunity to record a new mix of “Just Like Coffee” which was requested by a few Film and TV pitching companies while I was at the ASCAP Expo, performing at various venues in Nashville with my sister, watching my students win awards in performance and composing, and finishing the string arrangement with the impressive Tim Lorsch on “While Fast Asleep”, which I am hoping will take off this Christmas through Noisetrade.  But if it doesn’t, it will go on the Christmas ALBUM I’m dreaming up even now as I take a season to reflect and to write.  So all in all…a thrilling year of making music.

Many times it’s when we slow down and take a moment to journal and capture life in written stories, on film, whatever it may be, that the greatest songs are born.  I’m so excited to see how this season of time off of the stage is going to bless what I love most about being a musician — creating new music and sharing it with others.

Looking forward to a new crop of songs I can share from the stage soon and in the years to come.  Thank you all for being such supportive listeners, for coming out to shows, for buying my music, for passing it on to friends….I feel very blessed.


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