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Viral messages finally fixed!

It was recently brought to my attention that my site had been hacked and was sending nasty messages at the top of my emails and RSS feeds.  We had no idea this had been going on since September!  The problem has been fixed, we believe.  Not sure why people don’t have better things to do than mess around with other people’s lives.  So meaningless and stupid. In any case, thank you so much for not unsubscribing to me during the craziness.  We wish we had known earlier.  When you receive emails from me,  they’re from me.  But if you see something suspicious, don’t click the links in case of a hijack.  Instead, write to me and tell me about it so that I can check it out. Thanks, everyone! Nicole

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Nashville Again! Photo Journal (Spring 2014)

Nashville Again! Photo Journal (Spring 2014) 4-10-14 Hey friends!  I got so busy having fun living life, that I forgot to write!  Some of you have been asking about the newest trip to Nashville and what’s to come so I’ll do my best to update you in this post. March 25th through April 2nd, I returned to Tennessee to reconnect with contacts I had made back in the fall as well as do some extra exciting things.  Those of you who are connected to me on Facebook and Instagram, saw many of these stories and photos but I’ll post it here anyway for those of you who didn’t get to see it and wanted to.  Then at the end, I’ll show some of the bonus shots I got of neat experiences that didn’t go up as a daily [...]

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Top 5 Thankful List 2013 Blogpost 11-27-13

“My Top 5 THANKFUL List 2013” (Blogpost) 11-27-13 Narrowing down top reasons to be thankful into 5 things was nearly impossible for me, so I took the angle of musician.  As a wife and mom, my top 5 list would look a bit different from this one.  But in a year of so much excitement for me as a songwriter, it seemed fitting to give thanks from a musical perspective to those who have either inspired me or have been in my corner through it all.  These are in no particular order. #1. Mark Cawley, my songwriting coach since April of 2011 has guided me into all sorts of territory I never dreamed of, including opportunities I’ve had and people I’ve met.  The difference he made in how I craft my lyrics was noticed [...]

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Photo Journal of September Nashville Trip and What’s to Come 10-30-13

Arriving home after eleven busy days in Nashville left me with two strong realizations.  One:  “That was awesome, I can’t wait to share the story”.  Two: “I now have to play catch up to my busy Oregon life WHILE staying current on the new things I have going on due to this trip AND it will be a long time before I can send out a newsletter telling the tale”.  Okay, maybe that was more than two.  But I decided that realization with all the factors needed to take priority so here I am, caught up on tasks at last, finally sharing with many of you who have been waiting to hear, my story of happened on my exciting adventure.  So today, I’ll sit here on the couch facing my porch that amazingly still [...]

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“The Rest of the Story” (from winning night) Blogpost 9-1-13

Sitting on my hotel bed at 1:30am, I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or cry.  What had I just been through?  I had literally experienced the heightened extremity of every emotion in less than 24 hours.  Is that even healthy?  It sure wasn’t what I had planned for while packing my suitcase – complete with Ziploc bags of 3 oz. liquid bottles, lyric sheets, and maps with directions (since my only GPS was my phone).   There are those moments we try to create intentionally and plan toward, and then there’s what I call “the rest of life”.  The rest of life occurs more often than the moments we plan for, but we tend to brush them aside and ignore them.  Sometimes, the ignored pieces are left out of story for a reason – [...]

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My Gift For Amy (blog) 7-28-2013

  “MY GIFT FOR AMY” (Blog) 7-28-2013 (Entire lyric is featured at the end of the blog). There I am, driving to the concert during rush hour, hoping to arrive in time to get into the pre-show I paid for, be fortunate enough for a roaming wireless mic to reach my hand and then hope to have the guts to request I hand off something I had spent years preparing to make, months of mind-killing labor on, and weeks of sleepless nights bringing to completion — a gift to someone very dear and seemingly unreachable to me….and all of the while knowing good and well, I could be driving back home with this little book/disc combo I created, back to my apartment with the knowledge that all of my hard work and time spent [...]

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“Just Me” Blog #9 (Spring and Success) 6-20-13

Did spring leave?  It’s almost the first official day of summer and I feel like spring was a whirlwind.  My last blogpost was a “goodbye” to winter.  Goodness, that’s a long time.  Well, what can I say?  Winter was difficult and I was glad to see it leave.  Spring, however, was a much-needed season for me and it flew!  I mean it literally sprouted wings and took off!    I feel I need to have a chance to just tip my hat to it and write down some highlights, reflecting on successes and just plain joys. Success in my songwriting career doesn’t mean much to me if I miss the moments that give me so much to write about.  For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you’ve seen some of my recent good news on the career [...]

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“Just Me” blog #8 (Winter’s Rainbow) 2-22-13

“Just me” Blog #8 (Winter’s Rainbow) 2/22/13 Sometimes you have to snap a picture right then, right in the moment, or it’s incredible how you’ll forget it happened.  Take this picture of the rainbow ring around the sun above the snowy landscape.  I snapped this just before I went into a long, wintry, lonely hibernation and I feel now like I’ve just returned from the dead — like a seed that had to die before it could grow.  This photo was on Christmas Eve this last 2012 outside my in-law’s house.  The significance is more than its beauty.  This last Christmas, I was aching to see the silver lining to my horrible misfortune.  I lost my voice right before Christmas but I felt it was unrelated to my recent sinus [...]

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