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Reviews and Testimonials

“I love Nicole Wells’ music! She is a singer songwriter in the very best sense, nothing manufactured or written to spec, just whatever comes from her heart. Songs like “Know Me” and “Moment To Breathe” can take you inside her head while “Lillian’s Rainbow” and “Just Like Coffee” can make you smile while they get stuck forever in your head:-)
Wonderful stuff!”

Mark Cawley, Songwriter ( Wynonna, Joe Cocker, Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Chaka Khan )
Nashville, TN

“Nicole Wells is a beautiful songwriter and performer, inside and out. She exudes pure joy in performing and honesty in every song she writes. Her comfort on stage is obvious, making her radiant smile pleasant to watch; and voice easy to listen to.
Excelling as a seasoned performer, singer and songwriter she will captivate your audience with pure, honest, heartfelt songs.”

Daniel Work, Songwriter and Technical Director/Producer
Director of NW Chapter – West Coast Songwriters

“Having Nicole lead the worship has been an outstanding experience. She shares her life and gives encouragement to those in attendance at the Tuff Stuff Ministries conferences. She has a warm an inviting presence. Nicole is also a team player. When the electricity went out in our town she just joined in making the conference go on. She has a great heart.”

Sandy Wilson, Counselor and Author
Clackamas, OR

“Nicole was the speaker at our annual women’s retreat at the Oregon coast. In her well-planned sharing, Nicole included a wide variety of content and activities, which touched upon each type of learning style. Not only did we grow as individuals in our relationships with Christ, but we also bonded together as women. I highly recommend Nicole as a retreat speaker.”

Janelle Irwin, Women’s Ministry Director and Pastor’s Wife
Aloha, OR

“Nicole is a standout. She has natural charisma and leadership, poise and influence, not manipulation. Nicole’s output is natural with depth. Her person stands behind the music she produces–integrity. Moving, meaningful, and musical.”

Dr. Dennis Plies, Professor of Music and Humanities
Portland, OR

“Nicole’s relentless pursuit of being a songwriter has been amazing to watch. In the past 4 years, she has taken a “dream” and made it a reality. The words she writes, the words she poetically puts on paper, become an orchestra of truth and faith — leaving all of us feeling challenged and inspired upon hearing them. I always look forward to any chance I get to hear her sing, read her lyrics, or be in her presence. She’s the real deal.”

Carolyn Gill, Life Coach and Speaker
Anderson, IN

“The most powerful music comes from the experience of a broken heart and Nicole draws from her own story for the comfort of others. Nicole’s music paints pictures acknowledging the woundedness in each of us and challenges us to be comforted, to heal, to hope, and to once again be vulnerable. Nicole’s transparent melodies and lyrics take us to soothing places where we can begin to understand we are not alone.”

Georgia Miller, Author and Lay-counselor
Milwaukie, OR

“Nicole is a novel talent, her comfortable style is crafted with rich vocals that you gently sink into like soft sand. I enjoy the thought she puts into her lyrics, taking reference from life, it’s easy to relate with her words. It’s been a pleasure to experience her music.”

Andrew Owings, Bass Guitarist
Portland, OR

“Nicole led worship for the Restoring Hearts women’s conference. We were blessed with the way she was able to help us to set aside our broken hearts and worship God. Nicole was a delight to work with and I look forward to her leading worship for Restoring Hearts in the future.”

Karen Crawford, Prodigals International
Woodinville, WA

“Nicole Wells’ music is her journey. Songs of discovery, faith, self, and truth.
The narratives and melodies are beautiful landscapes for the mind and heart.
Nicole is a singer of passionate songs, and a passionate singer of songs.”

Jim Walker, Artist, Songwriter and Producer
Portland, OR

“I love it when Nicole Wells leads worship for two reasons! First, I thoroughly enjoy her musical talent. I could listen to her sing all day! Secondly, you get the sense as she pours out her heart to the Lord that she’s very comfortable there. It’s such a blessing to have a worship leader that puts the focus in the right place and gives you the sense that she knows where she’s going and invites you to come along!”

Jeni Bullis, Author
Sherwood, OR

“JOY…pure joy, is what I feel when I listen to Nicole sing. She brings a passion to her music that transcends from the artist to her audience. Nicole has had talent since she was very young, but it has been a privilege to know her these past 3 years, to watch her gain confidence in her songwriting ability, and to see her trust completely in the Lord as He has set her upon this journey.”

Jill Pharis, Friend and Fan
Newberg, OR


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