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Since winning her first professional title cut as a songwriter in 2000 with “I Lift My Voice”, recorded on a widely distributed project published by Church of God Ministries, Nicole’s most downloaded single “I Know It’s You” (2013) was awarded “Song of the Year” by the West Coast Songwriters Organization in August of 2013. In between, Nicole has released two full recording projects and three singles. The “Restore” album (2011) marked a significant life and career path, with folky-pop tunes and encouraging lyrics. Her quirky “Just Like Coffee” single (2012) received a lot of local attention and digital downloads, and is continually requested by Film and TV libraries. In recognition of her professional success in combination with her testimony of faith, Warner Pacific College awarded her the 2014 Distinguished Young Alumna Award. Working with a prominent worship publisher, John Hartley, in Nashville, TN, Nicole is currently writing worship songs for him while working with various renowned musicians toward an anticipated Christmas recording project. 

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Shows and Writings...

Shows on hold for an exciting season!

To everything there is a season…and this season the “turning” is a great one!  I won’t be performing regular shows for a [...]

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Show Update!

July 26th @4:00pm: The 26th is the last day to come join Tiffany and I (Carlson Wells) at a live show for a while so hope you guys can make it!  [...]

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Viral messages finally fixed!

It was recently brought to my attention that my site had been hacked and was sending nasty messages at the top of my emails and RSS feeds.  We [...]

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